When the walls come down, there’s just love.

Shane Warren was the most charming, gorgeous, and witty guy I’d ever met. So imagine my surprise when my one-night stand turned out to be my neighbor and the man I’d been hired to replace. It was hard to feel neighborly or professional while sneaking out of his bedroom in the morning, but that didn’t stop me from coming back for more.

I wasn’t looking for a relationship, but Shane made it hard to resist.

Why did his teasing shoulder kisses sweep me off my feet?
Why did every small gesture he made have such a major impact on my heart?
And most of all, why did he hold me like he never wanted to let go?

When it came to losing his career, Shane wasn’t going down without a fight.
But neither was I–even if I was falling in love with him.

Bottom line: If I wanted my dream job, it meant stealing it from the man of my dreams–and ultimately risking losing them both.